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Bagsaid (Bagsaid) is a Popular tourism place & Stay point in Thunag Tehsil of Mandi District. We can call Bagsaid as "Green House" valley due to a lot of Green/Poly houses beign setup in the valley. Bagsaid valley is covered with Shikari Devi hills in East, Baglamukhi Bharari Hill & Raingalu on North, Rampusharan Hills on the South and keolidhar/Raakh Hill on west. A small river/nala increses the interest of tourists in this place. Due to a covered valley by hills from all sides, Bagsaid is bit cold in weather and preferred to visit in Summer.

Apple Valley Bagsaid:  

Bagsaid valley is also known for Apples. Most of the farmers from the valley are doing good with Apple orchards/Gardens and Bagsaid valley is producing huge number of Apples every year. Now Sabji Mandi (Fruit Market for selling) has been established at Bhurni mod (Near to Bagsaid appox 1 km towards janjelhi road). A lot of farmers also prefer to sell their Apples in Chandigarh or Delhi Mandi due to Good rates.

Point of attraction:

  • Near by Interest is Jawalgala waterfall on the River which is appox 1 km far from bagsaid market. It is advisable not to go inside river as depth of river is unmeasured.
  • Hidimba Mata temple & nearby ITI Govt College is another major attraction point to visit.
  • Raingallu temple & Hill which is appox 3 km far from bagsaid is a Good picnic point.
  • Bagsaid Jawalgallu nala is major treckking point towards Shikari Mata Temple.

How to Reach?

  • By Road:- Appox 50km from Mandi Town Via Pandoh Janjelhi Road


Farmer working in Green House at Bagsaid valley Thunag Mandi
Bagsaid (Bagsaid) is a Popular tourism place & Stay point in Thunag Tehsil of Mandi District....
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