Here we are listing Down Most (Frequently Asked Advertising Questions - FAQS) related for Ads posting, Ads Banners, Sales, Ad placement and Advertising. If your Questions are not answered in this page then you can feel free to Drop a Message from Contact Us Page.

How to Reach Us

We are available on Email or By Landline Phone. We will revert back within next 48 hours.

How to Earn Money

Here in this site we prefer Advertising method for Earning money from Internet. There are a lot of Advertising Networks available on Internet and We are making use of Best of Them

Can I Use My google adsense Account for Running Ads

Yes. ! We support Google Adsense and you can show Ads served by google adsense system.

How many Ads will be Shown on my Blog or Article

We allow 2 (Two) Ads running from your account .
1) Once ad is shown inside content area.
2) 2nd Ad is shown in Sidebar Right Section.
Note:- Ads from your account will be shown only if you have Added your Adsense Information in your profile settings.

At What frequency my ads are Shown

100% for 2 ads on your Blog or Article page. We do not restrict Frequency of ads for Sidebar & Content section for your ads on your blogs and article pages.

How Many Blogs and Article Can I Write?

You can Write upto 10 Free Articles or Blogs. However we can Increase this Limit depending on our Internal Decision.

Can I add Links back to My Original Site?

Yes.! Please do this to provide credits for original Author of Content or your website. Giving references back to original site and adding your signature is good for your publicity also!

I am not able to log In to Site?

Please send a message from Contact us page. Our Staff will revert back within at maximum of 48 hours.

Can I use this Website for Link Building and SEO?

Yes . ! You are welcome for creating Back Links and Increasing your website SEO.

Got A Problem? Just Report It.!

If you are getting any Kind of problem in this website then you can freely send a message from Contact Us page and we will be more then Happy to help you.! Cheers.! and Happy Blogging & Article Writing.!