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Details of the Police Stations and Police Posts in District Mandi
Police Station Padhar+91-1905-266634
Police Post Kamand+91-1905-269400
Police Post City Mandi+91-1905-222938
Police Station Sadar, Mandi+91-1905-235536
Police Station Sarkaghat+91-1905-230028
Police Post Hatli+91-1905-258041
Police Station Sundernagar+91-1907-266229
Police Post Dehar+91-1907-283659
Police Post Salapar+91-1907-286643
Police Post Nihari+91-1907-233680
Police Station Jogindernagar+91-1908-222065
Police Post Padhar+91-1905-266634
Police Post Bashi+91-1908-223786
Police Post Ghatta+91-1908-252795
Police Post Ladbhadol+91-1905-278420
Police Station Karsog+91-1907-222221
Police Post Pangna+91-1907-225026
Police Station Gohar+91-1907-250228
Police Post Balichowki+91-1905-229103
Police Station Balh+91-1905-242268
Police Post Rewalsar+91-1905-240714
Police Station Aut+91-1905-228028
Police Post Kotli+91-1905-281000
Mahila Thana Sadar Mandi+91-1905-236099
Police Post Pandoh+91-1905-282019
Police Station BSL Colony Sundernagar+91-1907-266229
Police Station Dharampur+91-1905-272100
Police Post Tihra+91-1905-278500
Police Post Sandhole+91-1905-273220
Police Station Janjehli+91-1907-256740

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